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    “I have experienced frustrations in creating current and constantly updated information for the Windsor Veterinary Clinic site. I simply do not have the time to provide a steady stream of new articles for the visitors to our site. Likewise, we have looked for strategies for keeping the look of the site fresh and new. Enter WebDVM.

    It has been very straightforward for me to work with our liaisons at WebDVM to transfer our personalized content from our previous site to the site hosted by LifeLearn. And now we enjoy the luxury of continuously updated client-friendly information. Feedback from our clients has been really positive, and we are looking forward to launching the site for The Downing Center soon!

    I also look forward to utilizing both sites to improve our communication with our clients. We certainly live in the electronic age now, and WebDVM has provided us a very “user friendly” way to embrace that communication reality.”

    Dr. Robin Downing

    Windsor Veterinary Clinic P.C.

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    “The Lifelearn website is well designed and provides my practice with more than just a static advertisement on the internet. Our clients find it to be clearly laid out and user friendly, and it is a great resource adjunct to our practice. The site is easy to modify at the clinic level, allowing us to make changes when we wish, without having to rely on an offsite individual.

    The In the News feature which is updated monthly gives our clients and staff an additional incentive to visit the website on a regular basis. Having the 2 level security system with passwords allows me to disseminate information to my own clientele while ensuring that this information is not broadcast indiscriminately.”

    Dr. Cheryl Yuill

    Blue Cross Animal Hospital

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    “We have been using webDVM now for about a year, and after having tried other website hosts that caused nothing but frustration and disappointment, webDVM has been an absolutely wonderful experience. Not personally having a strong computer background, webDVM’s technical support – namely its coordinator Kathy, have been incredibly supportive and a real pleasure to work with. Having the capability to do as much or as little as you want for a website, I would highly recommend webDVM to any practice. They simply are the best!”